Themes and Main Readings for the Reading & Inquiry Section 2017

Week 1: National Writing Project
  • Review of Syllabus
  • Discussion of Readings (Question Roundabout Protocol)
  • Discussion and Narrowing Individual Research Topics

Assigned Readings due today:

"Professional Knowledge for the Teaching of Writing"

“Principles, Impracticality, and Passion” (Olson, 2003)
NWPNH Philosophical Framework

6/29 Inquiry Stance
  • Discussion of Readings (RF Protocol)
  • “Quadrants” activity
  • Introduce Annotated Bibliography
  • Independent Research

Assigned Readings due today:

“Teaching as Research" (Duckworth)

Week 2: Responding to Student Writing
7/ 6 -
  • Discussion of Readings
  • Share annotated bibliography w/Kate or Christina
  • Independent Research

Readings and Video:
Generous Reading


Beyond the Red Ink: Teachers' Comments Through Students' Eyes

Week 3: Methods
  • Continuing Work on Annotated Bibliographies
  • Discussion of Readings
  • Independent Research
  • Sorting sources/poster activity

"Teaching Writing as a Process Not Product"

“Why I Won’t Be Using Rubrics to Respond to Students’ Writing” (Wilson, 2007)


Meg's Article

  • Continuing Work on Annotated Bibliographies
  • Discussions of Readings (Two Circles Protocol)
  • Independent Research
  • Symposium Prep


"Seeing the Student" comic

"Teaching Argument Writing" (introduction)

Week 4
7/18 Addressing Inequalities
  • Continuing Work on Annotated Bibliographies
  • Discussion of Readings (RF Protocol)
  • Symposium


"I Ain't Writing Nothing
Living Poverty and Literacy Learning

  • Preliminary Draft of Inquiry Paper Due
  • Paper Sharing

Readings: None

Week 5

7/25 Assessment and Grading
  • ● Discussion of Reading
  • ● Writing Time


7/27 Leadership
  • ● Wrap up activity

  • ● Inquiry Paper Due

  • ● Discussion of Readings

"On Common Ground""

Optional Articles:
“Seeing the Student” (Ayers, 2001)
“Responding to Student Writing” (Sommers, 1982)
“Teaching the Common Core as a subversive Activity”
“Creating Curriculum”
“Provocative Questions That Animate My Thinking about Teaching” (Commeyras, 2002)
Combining Traditional and New Literacies in a 21st Century Writing Workshop
“Student Choice in Writing
“Assessment: Widening our Lens”
“Closing the Acheivement Gap by Detracking”
“Latino Students in NH Schools”